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Cube Pro

Quatro Cube Pro (2020)

Powerwave Quad
This board has only been used by Windsurfing Magazine for the test review and is in an immaculate condition.

RRP £2099.00, Used Just £1799.00

Quatro Power Pro

Quatro Power Pro Freewave Thruster (2019)
85, 95, 105

A new three stage rocker concept with a nice flat between the stance and a small release off the tail is allowing this board to really feel free and glide strong and powerful.

RRP £1949.00, Now Just £1559.00

Supoer Mini Pro 2019

Quatro Super Mini Pro Compactwave Thruster (2019)
85, 94, 103

A fast three stage rocker with full vee and double concaves makes this board extremely quick to plane, glide through lulls strongly and stable as a door. 

RRP £1999.00, Now Just £1599.00

Cube Quad

Quatro Cube Pro Controlwave Quad (2019)

The Cube stays true to the quick planing, fast and drivey quad concept. A newly designed rocker and subtle changes in the outline have allowed this board to keep its speed, stay stable and yet snappy with good pivot for all onshore to side shore conditions.

RRP £1999.00, Now Just £1599.00

Pyramid Pro

Quatro Pyramid Pro Surfwaver Thruster (2019)
83, 88, 96

The new Pyramid has more speed and more grip without losing any of the looseness and turn ability of this new model!

RRP £1999.00, Now Just £1599.00