AC-Z 023



Designed for: Have you ever dreamed to have a no cam sail with the same performance as a real cam racing sail? Or have you ever dreamed to have a cam sail with the weight of a no cam sail? The AC-Z is both!! With only 2 lower cams set up as the AC-One, as a pure racing sail, a wide pocket under the boom, but over the boom a pure slalom no cam sail! It’s not a compromise, it’s a 2 in 1!

From £679.00




AC-Z Slalom


The AC-Z has a deep profile in the lower part of the sail, till just the boom height, shallowing down over the boom, but consistent all the way to the top. From the base, up to the boom, it has a wide sleeve like a race sail, but that completely shrinks down to be a no-cam sleeve above it. 2 cams are placed under the boom with the same set-up as the rest of our cams sail lines. The slalom base, the outline and the leach opening are exactly the Point-7 classical trademarks. Thanks to the wide lower mast sleeve, inserting the mast is as easy as a cam sail, meaning that the mast goes straight to the top without any effort. Setting a bit of downhaul, pop in the 2 cams in no time, before down hauling the sail all the way to the final setting, then you are ready to place the boom on, and start blasting on the water.


Key Features

  • Unique on the market in its typology.
  • The most performing sail on the market with 2 cams.
  • No-cam mast sleeve on the top, race sleeve below the boom.
  • 2 cambers under the boom.
  • Easy handling characteristics.
  • Excels in a wide range of wind conditions.
  • Power and enhanced stability in both low and high wind conditions.
  • Locked-in feeling that is only comparable to a cambered sail.
  • Light and easy feeling that is only comparable to a non-cambered sail
  • A must have for those who never had a cam sail.


Technical Data