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Darren Herbert
Darren Herbert Darren Herbert Darren Herbert Darren Herbert Darren Herbert
Darren Herbert Darren Herbert Darren Herbert Darren Herbert
Darren Herbert Darren Herbert Darren Herbert Darren Herbert
Darren Herbert Darren Herbert Darren Herbert  


Name: Darren Herbert 

Home Town: Dovercourt

Home Spot: Southwold/Dovercourt

Sponsors: GOYA, MFC, Zero Gravity

A few words about yourself…I am a father of two, and husband of one. I work full time for East of England Ambulance Service, and run Quiver Windsurfing with my wife in any spare time we have so life is pretty full on and maxed out to the brim, but I wouldn't have it any different, as I can rarely sit still for more than 5 minutes anyway. 


What makes your ride? Good mates out with me on the water, a constant wind where I don't have to change my kit too often in one session, with  long ride-able clean glassy waves and knowing I have a chilli and corona waiting for me on shore!


How much do you love to windsurf? Since age 12 windsurfing is my release, my stress relief.  Without it I wouldn't have travelled, I would have been a completely different person, and I wouldn't have Quiver so my love for windsurfing is pretty limitless, life is better in every way with it in my life!


What is your most memorable session?

 So many to choose from!!!! Wave sailing at the Bluff in Cornwall with close mates. 20 foot plus wave, cross on shore winds. Simple days are great too...... That's whats so great about windsurfing, Blasting around in the summer as a teenage boy, with my dad. But most of all, I am looking forward to the day where both of my kids are blasting around with me.


What inspires you? Seeing people making a difference, its what motivates me in all aspects of life!

Seeing families & kids learning & enjoying windsurfing at all levels. Seeing people buzzing from the first time they get planing on their first freeride board, knowing they are now hooked! Seeing my son learning to windsurf at the age of two & my daughter at the age of five.


Describe your quiver and the range of conditions you use it on.

Goya Quad Custom wave 78lit & 84lit with 5.0 Goya Guru in strong winds & down the line wave riding. Goya One (tri fin/ thruster) 85lit which is great for the east coast bump & jump scene with a 5.7 or 5.0 Eclipse. You can really track up wind in strong winds, keeping that back foot heel pressure while driving the board fast on that front foot.  Goya Air 99lit with 5.7 Goya Eclipse for freestyle. Blasting in lighter wind days, the new 2016 range of Goya slalom sails (Mark) & Boards. They are unreal, keep a close eye out for them 


What does riding for Goya mean to you? My heros in windsurfing from growing up to present day have always been Josh Stone and Fransisco 1 - because of their balls on the water, and 2 - their attitude to family so to be part of that culture is something I will be immensely proud of, having a little family myself.  The kit is amazing, I would choose no other, and to be a face associated with that kit is pretty frickin awesome!

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