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Goya Custom Quad Pro

2017 Goya Custom Quad Pro
RRP £1749 Used £1099

The Custom will blow you away with speed, while Half Moon and Squash tails allow for unparalleled turns packed with torque.

Goya One Freewave 2017
RRP 1649.00, Now Just 1,299.00
Fast rockers and narrow tails provide you with way more time in the air. On the wave or in flat water, speed is what excites us, so our first and foremost focus throughout the development of the new One has been to leave the water behind for as long as possible.

Goya One Freewave
Goya Bolt

Goya Bolt Race 2017
RRP £1499.00, Now Just £1,199.00
The Bolt gets up and planing on the lightest breeze, and paces through gusts, allowing you to forcefully ride on the fin with direct control. The outline curves and rail shapes project you out of jibes like no other board. The Bolt matches best with the Mark Freerace.

Quatro Super Mini Pro 2017
RRP £1749.00, Now Just £1,399.00
This is the board for onshore to side shore ,for blasting around backside to frontside with a smooth and continuous speed.

Quatro Super Mini
Quatro Pyramid

Quatro Pyramid Thruster 2017
RRP £1749.00, Now Just £1,399.00
The Pyramid is the re-imagination of our purest board. It is designed to be the most progressive wave board on the market.

Quatro Cube Quad 2017
RRP £1749.00, Now Just £1,399.00
This short compact rocket of a quad was designed for speed and maneuverability. We have completely redesigned the Cube from its outline to its bottom contour to the entirety of its profile flow. 

Quatro Cube Quad
Quatro Sphere

Quatro Sphere Thruster 2017
RRP 1749.00, Now Just 1,399.00
The Sphere is a superb transitional board from single to multi fin. It will really bring the benefits of the Thruster concept home for you with ease. 

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