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Adjustable outhaul set

No tools needed to mount them onto boom the first time. In only 10 seconds they are ready to use on your boom!

Easy to use while sailing.
Includes outhaul rope.
Thick webbing easy to grab, for pulling more outhaul for less power.
Does not damage the monofilm and boom area while sailing.
A must for freeride, slalom, and racing sails!
Metal Cleat for millimetrical releasing the outhual for more power.

Adjustable outhaul setAdjustable outhaul setAdjustable outhaul setAdjustable outhaul set


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Zero Gravity Distribution supply Point-7 Sails and Rig Components to retailers and windsurfers.
Point-7 finally gives you the opportunity to get the perfect sail and mast combination to a very competitive price level. Having the right mast and sail combo will guarantee the overall quality and durability of your rig along with having the highest performance possible. Our PWA team is out there testing each day to obtain this.

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