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The new QS and TF in RTM construction (Resin Transfer Moulding) are available. Maui Fin Company is the first company to use this technology for Windsurfing Multifins. Lighter weight then the G10, total flex control, solid Carbon, Biaxial Carbon and S-Glass crafted with one of the best resin on the market are some of the ingredients for these multifin sets. The fins have to work in a good synergy to enhance the performance of your board. With this technology we are able to control the flexibility according to what type of material we insert in our moulds. The Center/rear fins are build with a different construction compared to the front/side fins. The Rear/Center have a more constant torsion and there are several layers of diverse Carbon. The Side/front fins are a little stiffer with a different profile to keep high speed for tight turns and maximum hold. Speed has been drastically increased compared to our old G10 version because we can have a thinner profile in keeping with a constant flex. Something that was not possible with the G10 laminated fins.
We are always searching for the best technology for our multifins. It is not an easy task to have 3 or 4 fins working together, and only with a constant R&D with our team, we are able to achieve what we are looking for. We keep testing different pay-ups and construction to constantly improve our product. R&D never stop . #worldfastestfins

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