Goya Slim Pro

Reduced Diameter Boom

This reduced diameter boom is our workhorse carbon boom. Any dramatic action photo taken over the last years was made possible by use of this very boom.

The Slim Pro features the same full prepreg carbon monocoque body and extension as the Skinny Pro. The grip is in line with what most riders and brands consider comfy these days, slimmer than standard booms. The smaller sizes feature 27.5 mm while the larger models feature 30 mm.

The Slim Pro features the same stiffness and strength as the Skinny Pro, as well as the proven double pin locking system. With four sizes this boom spans a great range of sails and has been a favorite with a vast number of riders for a long time. The Slim Pro comes with wide and stiff tail ends, and lengths of up to 250 cm. Built with 33msi pre-preg carbon.

Available in 190, 210, 230, 250 centimeters.

Adaptor allows use with RDM and SDM masts.

Slim Pro