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Amex Booms - Booms from the Industry leading rig component manufacturer
Carbon Mono (non-eillptical)

Amex SLR Mono - Alu Race T-8 Boom

The SLR is a new model in the Amex range. It provides carbon stiffness at alu prices! Amex have worked tirelessly to develop a new technology to offer this unprecedented stiffness and the SLR is the proof. Through an inverse taper technology Amex have managed to double the tubular thickness in the arms that allow for such a stiff and high performing boom. In particular the strength of this boom can be appreciated when using sails above 6.5m where the leverage forces are at their greatest.

Inverse Taper double tubular technology
T8 Grade Aluminium
Power clamp
MonoQ front end
Looploop Go back end
Twin ‘snapin’ pin clamps

Posi Grip

Amex SLR Boom
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Pat Love
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